Website SEO Audit

We are a team of experienced SEO & Internet Marketing professionals with proven record of providing first-class and affordable SEO Packages.

Our SEO packages are well fine-tuned and will help you improve your SERP ranking on Google Search Engine which also results in better ranking in Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. All our SEO packages are Panda and Penguin safe!

So many website owners make the common mistake of spending a lot of money on expensive SEO services while overlooking what seems to be the foundation of website optimization. Before you start promoting any of your webpages, you need to analyze your entire website to make sure there are no issues that might prevent it from ranking high on Search Engines Result Page.

Our Website SEO Audit service allows you to analyze your entire website effectively, thereby identifying and fine-tuning possible SEO problems on your website, and then turning your site into a search engine friendly website.

The final report provides clear and executable recommendations which will further help to optimize your website. The audit, amongst other checks will also include website analysis for your competitors, On-page and Off-Page SEO advice, Keyword suggestion, and many more. If you put all this suggestions/recommendations to practice, be ready to overtake your competitors on Google SERP and acquire more targeted organic traffic.

In summary, your website is analyzed against a variety of SEO factors, with all data being neatly presented in one actionable project. You will be presented with a final report of about 50 – 65 pages with clear advice on the exact steps to take to optimize each webpage and secure top ranking for your target keywords. Our website/SEO audit has helped so may businesses to hit the top of Google. Don’t be left out!


The final report tells you the exact steps to take to optimize each webpage and secure top ranking for your target keywords.


“SEO companies charge up to $3,000 for just one website SEO Audit report — but you’re getting it for just $10”


Website SEO Audit – $10